We are happy to report that the bell has been returned. Detective Cavanaugh talked about his many suspects including Leigh Seaton, Bill Klepper (Sophie stood in for him), Doug Feco and those not at the meeting Joe Grinstead and Mike McCaffrey.  Once the bell was returned the detective made them all sing "Ring That Bell".
Meeting Responsibilities
Aug 15th, 2019
VanDyck, Harry
Vines, Mel
Wilson, Chas
Whalen, Bob
Flag Salute
Whipp, Jeff
Guest List
Alexander, Josh
Aug 22nd, 2019
Anderson, B.J.
Anglin, Jim
Chapin, Ed
Bibb, Bob
Flag Salute
Brill, Bob
Guest List
Bruce, Linda
Aug 29th, 2019
DeGonia, Jarrod
Dominick, Lee
Donnelly, Bob
Dulcich, Vince
Flag Salute
Echegaray, Carlos
Guest List
Fox, Bill
September 5th, 2019
Fox, Demi
Gonzales, Greg
Grinstead, Joe
Hart, David
Flag Salute
Hartman, Gregg
Guest List
Hawthorne, Nancy
Upcoming Events
Holiday Boat Party
Dec 13, 2019
6:00 PM – 10:00 PM
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August 1
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August 20
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August 22
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August 22
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August 29
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August 6
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August 12
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August 14
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August 23
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August 26
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August 30
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August 1, 1993
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August 2, 2018
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August 4, 2016
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August 10, 2017
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August 10, 1995
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August 28, 2008
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August 30, 1990
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August 31, 2000
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Russell Hampton
ClubRunner Mobile
President Deb Davila talked about the international convention and how they highlighted five core values.  The one that stuck with her is integrity and the importance if having and maintaining it always!  She also ended her meeting with a poem by Mary Oliver - At Blackwater Pond.
Highlights of Today's Meeting
President Elect Nomination Process
Chas Wilson talked about reviewing the President Elect Nomination (PEN) process on Monday, July 22 at his house (240 Sinaloa Road) at 7 p.m. The meeting will look at the following 4 areas;
1. Nominating Committee Composition
2. Minimum requirements for a PEN
3. Process changes
4. Floor nomination process
Home Hosting Needed for Exchange Students
Mary Paseta thanked Geovanny Ragsdale for stepping up to host a family and that we need two more families. 
Haunted House Update
Richard Perini said that the truck the stored many of the items has been vandalized and that help will be needed to move stuff to a new truck. An email will be sent with more details.
Simi Sunrise Rotary Charitable Foundation Update
Deb Davila announced that the new president of the Simi Sunrise Rotary Charitable Foundation is Chas Wilson.  A new board member will be added along with a board rep and a club rep.
Cajun Numbers Coming Soon
Stella Ortiz, our Cajun chair this year, said that she hopes to have all the financial information complete very soon!
Rotary Club of Simi Sunset's Beerfest
Mike Mutal put out sign up sheets for the evening club's upcoming Beerfest on Saturday, August 24th from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.
July 27 - Kayak Trip and BBQ
August 10 - Potato Party
December 13 - Holiday Boat Lights
Simi Sunrise Charitable Foundation.card are now being sold!  The new cards are being sold for 10 for $100 or $10/piece. Remember, they can be used for all occasions -- birthdays, condolences, get well and more!
Please contact Cindy Jacoby to purchase cards -
Board Meeting Day
Carlos Echegaray
 I am originally from Venezuela, a country located to the north of South America, country of a mixed culture, Venezuela is also known for its beautiful women, as it is my wife Mariana, with whom I have shared 19 fabulous years of my life, giving me the love and necessary support I ever need, to be able to fulfill all our goals as family. We have two daughters, one of them is Victoria Mercedes, she is a Jersey girl, she is 16 years old, she loves music and medicine TV shows. My other daughter is Elizabeth Carolina, she is a Californian Girl, she is only 4 years old and she loves to talk, play and do gymnastic at Platinum. In fact, my two daughters also received their Venezuelan heritage and they turn out to be beautiful inside and out.
Although Mariana and I met in Venezuela and had a beautiful life over there, as she was practicing as a doctor in dentistry and I was a recognized lawyer, we were forced to leave the country due to the installation of the socialist regime that was being established in Venezuela back in year 1999. Socialism left us without a homeland, but we were adopted by the United States, where we had the opportunity to start over in the State of Florida in 2003. When we arrived we did not have much, scarcely a money to survive, we did not know how to speak English, we did not know the American system or culture and as additional condiment to the immigrant’s soup, we had the responsibility to give security, education and stability to our daughter Victoria, who at that time of approximately 6 months.
My first job wasn’t that great, I started throwing newspapers for the Miami Herald and Sun Sentinel. My wife had a little more luck and her first job was in a dental office owned by Venezuelan and Colombian owners. At that time, we both focused on working, saving some money and educating Victoria. After a year of our arrival, I was finally able to complete the translation of my Real Estate book from English to Spanish, which gave me the opportunity to understand the language more. I took my Realtor exam for the Florida license 2 times in Spanish and guess what? (I failed) and when I got back home to tell my wife, it was very sad, but my face spoke for itself and we both known that if we did not improve, our goals would not be achieved. So, I decided to take the exam in English and guess what? … I finally became a Real Estate Agent and began to advise and grow a list of clients and sales. Now with my new income and my wife efforts, led us to achieve our goals of buying our house in Port St Lucie, Florida, where we lived for 6 years.
Then, when everything was fantastically good, we see a new development on television news informing the people that US was entering into an economic recession. The recession became to have a real meaning for us since nothing was sold in those times. But I already a few years before had the opportunity to completed a master's degree in Paralegal studies, which helped me work for several law firms in the foreclosure process and secondary market loan contracts, which is why I was hired in California by the Bank from America here in California, which hired me. However, I always continue studying, and after finishing my master's degree in Paralegal Studies, I began to study USA laws and obtained my Juris Doctor degree from Concord Law School in 2013, so my good friends called me Doctor-Doctor.
After all that and to make the story short, my wife and I managed to relocate in this beautiful city of Simi Valley about 8 years ago, here our beautiful Elizabeth was born, I was able to establish my Real Estate Broker license here in California (now I sell houses in Florida and California). This 2019 I created EH Worldwide Realty together with my business partner Miguel Herrera.
We are so grateful to the US for having us here. We still doing our best to improve our lives to be always a better family every day. Who knows what other things will happen to us, but I am sure that we will overcome them the same way we overcome all obstacles so far. God bless America! and keep this great country away from socialism, if someone does not know what socialism is, my family and I and millions of other Venezuelans are living proof of what it means. 
Rotary Club FinderNeed to find a club to do a makeup?  Or find out where Rotary clubs meet while you are traveling?  Click here to access the Club Finder page on the RI website.
Welcome Guests
Anarosa Estevez
Kim and Lily Gray and Shaun Ferree
James and Jennifer Grogg
Anarosa Estevez
Kim and Lily Gray and Shaun Ferree
James and Jennifer Grogg
Dr. P. thanked those that came our for his
Full Moon Hike!
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