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February 11th, 2021
Scroggin, Kathy
Flag Salute
Rusnak, Don
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Schadt, Don
February 18th, 2021
Shannon, Tim
Flag Salute
Sharma, Arun
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Sidlinger, Mike
February 25th, 2021
Skidmore, Rod
Flag Salute
Stutzman, Jim
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Thompson, Karen
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Drive in Concert - Queen Nation
Apr 02, 2021
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
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February 12
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February 21
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February 21
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February 24
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February 24
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February 25
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February 16
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February 18
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February 19
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February 1, 1983
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February 11, 1993
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February 16, 2017
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February 24, 2011
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This week's meeting was a Board Meeting and was held on Zoom.
Demi, our Sergeant at Arms, once again got the meeting started with those dreaded stretches.
Kathy Scroggin lead our Invocation today with some very inspirational words.
Don Rusnak lead the flag salute.  Let's pretend that's Don Rusnak in the picture.
Don Schadt welcomed our Guests.
President Bill started by asking us what was so special about this upcoming weekend.  Several us thought, heck that's easy.  It's the Daytona 500 this weekend.  The smarter ones corrected us however and said Valentine's Day, the correct answer.  Speaking for the first group Bill, thanks for the reminder.
The reason Bill brought this up was to remind us that, while Rotary is all about Service before Self and not about networking, many of our members have businesses or provide services that any of us could be in need of at some point.  When that need arises, think about how your fellow Rotarians can help.  To that point, Geovanny Ragsdale's business, Our Daily Bread bakery, is saving Bill's bacon by coming through with Valentine's Day goodies for Bill's wife Sue on short notice.
President Bill Klepper 
  Our next meeting will be February 18th, 2021.  It will be IN PERSON at the JUNKYARD and NOT on Zoom.  
Please remember to bring a friend or an acquaintance to our next meeting, even if the meeting is by Zoom.  
John Tolson let us know that Team Ginny will be featured on 99.1 The Ranch next week.  The day and time are still being worked out so stay tuned for details.
And, of course, the push continues to find that donor.  If you need to learn how to Share on social media, please reach out to Team Ginny and they will be glad to help.
Here's another link that can be shared as well:
Here's a link to a Testimonial from Rocky and Tony....
Please remember that The Samaritan Center is still in need of chaperones on Wednesday nights.  This effort allows those without a roof over their head to have a safe and warm place to spend the night.  The hours needed on Wednesday night are from 7 PM to 7 AM the next morning on Thursday.
Please see John Tolson if you can help out.
Tickets continue selling fast.  They are expecting a Sell Out.  Let's all make sure this happens by taking up Bill's challenge and selling two tickets each.  See below for a link to ticket sales.  And Mike McManus, from Queen Nation joined us this morning as our Guest Speaker.
The date is set for April 2nd and they are looking for a lot of help.  As noted previously, this type of venue will require more volunteers than the Drive-In Movie venue.  So please consider helping out. 
There will be an opening act at 5:00 PM and then Queen Nation comes out at 6:00 PM.  They will play until about 7:30 or 8:00 PM.  A Sign Up Sheet will be coming out soon.  Please keep an eye out for it and consider helping per the hours noted above.
Here's a link for ticket sales:
Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!
Just a reminder that you can sit safely in your car and listen to next week's meeting at the Junkyard by tuning in to 88.9 on your FM dial.
We had the following Guests this week:
Sam Wolfe
Linus Kojelis
Fred Thomas (Prospective Member)
Brett Goldsmith (Prospective Member)
Mike McManus (Guest Speaker) 
Mr. Sam Wolfe
Mr. Linus Kojelis
Mr. Fred Thomas
Mr. Brett Goldsmith
John Baxter continued with his Man on the Street series interviewing Club members about what they do for a living.  Today's interviewee was Dan Jaeger, new Executive Director of the Samaritan Center here in Simi.
We also had Mike McManus from Queen Nation pop in real quick. 
Man on the Street
John Baxter talked with Dan Jaeger about his new role at the Samaritan Center.  Dan said that since the Center is comprised of a small team, he wears a lot of hats.  He works with staff, deals with fundraising and does whatever else is needed.   The Center is under-resourced but does gets tremendous support from the community in the form of food and cash contributions as well as volunteer hours.  He said he's blessed with dedicated and passionate volunteers.
Dan said that the Club can help by staying in touch with Dan and the Center and jumping in when the need arises.  And there are always lots of needs.  Following is a link to John's interview of Dan:
Mr. Mike McManus
Mike was kind enough to drop in and talk to us this morning.  Queen Nation was at our Cajun 2019 festival and, initially, their presence wasn't entirely accepted.  But once up on the stage, they blew the audience away.
Mike mentioned that 2020 was a rough year on musicians.  Queen Nation went from 140 shows in 2019 to just 60 last year and they did better than most bands due to their size.  Their touring band is just the four of them and not the typical 40-50 people that usually are part of a touring band.  He calls themselves the Lean, Mean Queen Machine.  Very flexible and mobile.
Bill asked him what his favorite concert was that he had ever performed at.  Mike said the one they did in Manhattan Beach right after the movie Bohemian Rhapsody came out.  3-5,000 people were expected and 13,000 showed up!  He said it was like Woodstock.  When asked about his least favorite, he immediately said the Nudist Retreat in Marietta.  He said that there were way too many standing ovations and jumping up and down by audience members.  Someone wanted to know if that's where Mike met Bill........ 
Happy Birthday Bob!
Happy Anniversary Larry!
Happy Anniversary Tim!
Happy Anniversary Leigh!
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