One of the benefits of being a Rotarian.  Enjoying each other's company over breakfast at the Junkyard - August 5th, 2021
August 5th, 2021
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August 5th, 2021
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Rotary Club of Simi Sunrise Oktoberfest
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Oct 09, 2021
11:30 AM – 4:00 PM
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Stephanie Shannon
The look she gives when you better listen!
Our Sergeant-at-Arms, Stephanie Shannon, opened up the meeting this morning with more interesting facts regarding the Olympics.  She really is an Olympics fan!  This morning she talked about the sportsmanship and random acts of kindness being displayed at the Olympics.  Apparently there have been so many of these acts of kindness that these Olympics are now being referred to as the Kindness Games.  Here you have, Stephanie said, competitors helping each other when help was needed most.  And this genuine help is given in such a way as to build goodwill and friendships for all the world to see.  What a great example to set by showing the world that we all need to get back to treating others with dignity and respect, no matter who you are.  She said it sounded a lot like what the Rotary and being a Rotarian is all about.  Setting an example for others to see by helping those who need it most with absolutely nothing to gain except spreading human kindness.  Go out, as Kathryn continues to challenge us to do, and perform that Random Act of Kindness.    
President Kathryn continued with her challenge to each member of the Club about performing one act of kindness.  What better way is there to improve the world and exemplify what being a Rotarian is all about?  Kathryn's act of kindness this morning was to help Steve find his glasses, the ones in his pocket......
Kathryn thanked the Oktoberfest Team for all of the hard work being done and welcomed the people joining by Zoom.  
She then asked Bill Klepper to come up and receive his Gold Medal for Leadership for his outstanding work he did last year as Club President.  As feared though, the medal did not fit over his head.  It is being altered.  
In regard to the Three Club Rotary Events Committee she talked about last week, Kathryn announced that Larry Borovay volunteered to be one of the two Sunrise Club representatives.  
Kathryn ended the meeting by saying how touched she was by Cody's story and the "kindness" stories coming out of the Olympics.  These things, she said, all demonstrate our core values as Rotarians.  She said that we are all doers and that we show up and get the job done.  
President Kathryn
Bill with his medal
Harry VanDyck lead us all in the Invocation this morning.   
Josh Alexander lead the Pledge of Allegiance.  
John Tolson welcomed our Guests.
Our Guests today included:
Mr. Cody Jones (Guest Speaker)
Mr. John Shamoun (Potential Member).  John is in Commercial Real Estate.
Mr. Thomas Herdering
Ms. Jill Abele
Mr. Donovan Downey
Mr. Nick Burt
Mr. Rob Bado (No Picture)
Thomas Herdering
Jill Abele
Donovan Downey
Nick Burt
Mr. John Shamoun 
Carolyn Boucher
Carolyn Boucher welcomed Thomas Herdering and Jill Abele this morning as living examples of a successful kidney transplant.  Thomas had donated his kidney to Jill. What an inspiration!  
Carolyn reminded us to keep a look out for speaking opportunities for Team Ginny.  It's a great way to spread the word.  And, lastly, Team Ginny will be having a booth at the Street Fair on Saturday, October 30th.  Please come by.
Jake Finch, Deb Davila and Bill Fox all came up to talk about the Big Event.  Jake said that she will need lots of help in getting the tickets sold so please spread the word.  A great way to help out now is to purchase tickets at the discounted rate of $30 while the supply of discounted tickets last.  See either John Tolson or Jake Finch for all ticket sales.
Email John Tolson with the number of tickets you want and you will be billed. He will bring them to next week’s meeting. John’s email address is:
Deb asked for help in finding sponsors - see details in flyer above.  She thanked Dr. Gregg Hartman for being the first corporate sponsor.  Thank You Dr. Hartman!
Bill Fox wanted to let us know that the site looks ideal at Rancho Tapo Community Park.  He walked the site and he said that there is lots of close parking and lots of shade.  
The 2021 Oktoberfest event is being held from 11:30 AM to 4:00 PM on Saturday, October 9th at LEMON PARK 
Save the date as volunteers will be needed. 
Jake Finch
Deb Davila
Demi Fox
Reminder that Leigh needs help on the Hummingbird Trail graffiti cleanup on Saturday, August 14th at 7:00 AM.  Please let Leigh know if you can help.  
A reminder that tickets are on sale and registration is open for the District 5240 Conference.  It is being held October 8th-10th at the Ventura Beach Marriott and will be the first in-person District event since the beginning of Covid.  Unfortunately it conflicts with our Club's Oktoberfest which is on October 9th but please participate if you can.
Martha Macker reminded us about Rotary of Family's first gathering at the Berger's home on August 27th at 6:00 PM.  This is a Potluck and a Cornhole Tournament so bring a dish, drinks and a good throwing arm.
Martha Macker
Leigh Seaton was approached by Simi Park and Rec to see if our Club could assist with a scavenger hunt they are holding.  Leigh needs Gift Baskets and Gifts for teenagers that will be awarded to the winners.  And he needs them before August 8th.  See Leigh if you can help.
Kathryn talked again about all five Rotary Clubs in Group Five (the two in Moorpark and the three here in Simi) participating in a backpack giveaway.  Through a larger District project, the Group Five will be given 50-100 backpacks that have been donated by the NBA and NFL.  These bags will be filled with school supplies and donated to kids in both the Moorpark and Simi Valley Unified School Districts.  More details to follow.
Leigh Seaton let us know that Kim Schulte has volunteered to spruce up our old banners.  In addition, Kim will create new ones made from flags gathered from cities or countries that our members have visited.  So if you have any such flags or banners and want to participate, see Leigh or Kim.
Our Guest Speaker today, introduced by Fernando Estevez, was Mr. Cody Jones.  Cody is a US Paralympian. a professional public speaker and author of the children's book Henry Makes it on Top.  He was born with Cerebral Palsy affecting his strength and mobility on his left side.  Despite this disability, he was able to compete at the varsity level in baseball at Simi High School.  An article about him in the LA Times lead to his being asked to be part of the US Paralympic Team as a javelin thrower.  In training for the 2016 Paralympics, he broke 3 US records, won the Gold at Nationals and placed 5th in the world in 2015.  He competed but did not place in the 2016 Paralympics.
While disappointed in his 2016 results, he said life has taught him to never give up hope.  His is an inspirational story that he likes to share with others, especially with disabled children.  This was the impetus for the children's book he wrote.
Cody left us with three thoughts:
 - When you have a goal, define what achieving that goal means.
 - Trust in your team, your support system, the ones you trust, to help you succeed.
 - And, finally, Live Like You Can.  Believe in yourself to accomplish the goals you have set.
During the Q and A portion of Cody's talk, Bruce asked him if Cody would be willing to demonstrate a javelin throw and let Bruce give it a shot. Cody said heck yeah!  So a few of us went to the adjacent dirt lot after the meeting adjourned to watch Cody and Bruce throw the javelin.  Problem was though that there was no sign of Bruce!  Wonder what happened?
Kathryn presenting Cody with the Hourglass
Cody's book
Cody showing it how its done
Leigh trying....
Happy Birthday Rich!
Happy  Anniversary Chas!
Fernando doing the intro
  We are meeting at the Junkyard In Person on August 12th!  Remember you also have the option to attend by Zoom as well.
Please remember to bring a friend or an acquaintance to our next meeting.  This is a GREAT way to grow our membership!  And the guest's lunch is taken care of.  
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