Find out what which Rotarian sold plastic dog poop in this week's In the Spotlight!
We are DARK next week!
Meeting Responsibilities
January 19, 2017
McDonagh, Pat
Guest List
Hitchcock, Rob
Pietrolungo, Steve
Lowry, Jim
Flag Salute
Finch, Jake
Guest List
Kerr, George
Tolson, John
Rat Fink
Rothman, Joel
Janaury 26, 2017
Sellfors, Erik
Sidlinger, Mike
Ortiz, Stella
Flag Salute
Paseta, Mary
Guest List
Perini, Richard
DeGonia, Jarrod
Rat Fink
Shannon, Tim
Upcoming Events
Earth Day - Terra Rejada Road Clean Up
Apr 22, 2017
Jan 19, 2017
Jan 26, 2017
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Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Paula Williams
January 3
John Tolson
January 8
Deb Davila
January 19
Stephanie Shannon
January 25
Demi Fox
January 28
Peter Cicciari
JaJA Cicciari
January 13
Richard Perini
January 18
Mike Jambazian
January 25
Steve Smith
January 28
Join Date
Pam Silverman
January 6, 2000
17 years
Stephanie Shannon
January 7, 2016
1 year
Jocko Arledge
January 14, 2010
7 years
Peter Cicciari
January 15, 1994
23 years
Carolyn Boucher
January 16, 2014
3 years
Jerry Shaffner
January 17, 2002
15 years
Jim Stutzman
January 26, 1995
22 years
Kurt Fredrickson
January 27, 1994
23 years
Executives & Directors
Past President
Club Service
International Service, Co-Chair
Community Service,Co-Chair
Community Service, Co-Chair
Vocational Service, Co-Chair
Vocational Service, Co-Chair
Public Relations
Youth Service, Co-Chair
Youth Services,Co-Chair
Family of Rotary, Co-Chair
Family of Rotary
The Rotary Foundation
The Rotary Foundation, Co-Chair
Director at Large
Director at Large - Cajun Chair
Director at Large
Director at Large
Director at Large
SSR Charitable Foundation Chair
RMCP Chair
President Elect Nominee
Russell Hampton
National Awards Services Inc.
Highlights of Today's Meeting
We had the pleasure of thanking our wonderful Grand Vista staff this morning for all their
hard work and service they do for us
every Thursday morning!!
Hardly Strictly Moment...
Dan shared his musings from James Taylor's Jump Up Behind Me!
Hats Off Goes To...
Jim Robison received the Hats Off Award this morning for organizing and running the our blood drives!
Philippines Relief Effort
Bill Klepper said that Sophie will be going to the Philippines with George Holmes early next year and will be bringing relief supplies.  More information to come in January about what is needed.
Quarterly Paul Harris Fellow Program Reinstituted
Craig Foster reminded the everyone that the club will again be offering Paul Harris Fellow opportunities through a $10/month donation (quarterly deduction of $30 starting in January.) Sign up sheets are on the tables now.  Contact Craig at to sign up today!
Heartfelt Thoughts
Dan Jaeger said that Heather Frankle really appreciated all the cards she received from us last week.
Cajun & Blues Updates
Jeff Newby announced that the Cajun website is now live!
A Little Dickens Carolers
We had the please of hearing carolers sing beautiful holiday classics. (Check out the two links below!)
Susan Joseph
Rotary Club FinderNeed to find a club to do a makeup?  Or find out where Rotary clubs meet while you are traveling?  Click here to access the Club Finder page on the RI website.
Welcome Guests
This morning we welcomed:
Fernando and Anna Rosa Estevez
Joyce Fox
Madelyn Gordon
Susan Joseph
Fernando Estevez..he's coming back to our club!
Joyce Fox and Madelyn Gordon
Susan Joseph
Photos from
Today's Meeting
Paula Williams
Family: 2 daughters, 2 dachsunds, 2 grandpuppies, 3 grandkitties, 1 great-grandpuppy

Why I'm in Rotary:
Thanksgiving @ Senior Center - I melt every time I watch people enjoy.

What people don’t know about me:
I'm really very shy retiring and introverted.

Strange, but true:
Of all my jobs (accountant, tutor, book review author, rat brain tomographer, professional scrabble player) my favorite was selling rubber dog poop.

Passions, hobbies, interests:
Writing, cooking, dogs, travel, photography, word/board games, shooting, spas.

What I'm really good at:
I could fit the answer in this box, if you asked what I'm not good at. Then I could answer: humility and marriage.

One goal I’d like to accomplish:
Finish editing my novel and publish it.

Favorite place to vacation/visit:
I"ve loved every place I've visited. The people are always  very friendly & welcoming. Ireland & Croatia most scenic. Italy and Russia most historic. Best food in France and Spain. Choosing a favorite would be impossible.

Most embarrassing moment:
Disembarking water taxi in Italy. One foot on dock, one on dock when boat suddenly drifted. Thank goodness two handsome Italians were there to keep me from taking a swim.
My own question: The real me?
Do you honestly think you can handle the real me? And would this question and answer become public when I run for POTUS.

In other news
Polio Update - We're this close!
There have been only 34 cases this year of Polio due to the wild polio virus.  They have all occurred in Pakistan, Nigeria and Afghanistan.  The most recent case was November 2nd.  Click on the link below for more information.
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