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Meeting Responsibilities
April 20, 2017
Rothman, Joel
Purdum, Bob
White, Gary
Flag Salute
Bibb, Bob
Guest List
Robison, Jim
Zambrano, Cesar
Rat Fink
Little, Eric
April 27, 2017
Robison, Jim
Reniger, III, Hal
Vines, Mel
Flag Salute
Birkner, Jeff
Guest List
Ryu, O. D., John
Timbol, Dorina
Rat Fink
Sidlinger, Mike
May 4, 2017
Perini, Richard
Newby, Jeff
Sharma, Arun
Flag Salute
Anderson, B.J.
Guest List
Perry, Pam
Torres, Jesus
Flag Salute
Borovay, Larry
Upcoming Events
Senior Center Lunch
Simi Valley Senior Center
May 17, 2017
8:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Jun 17, 2017
Apr 20, 2017
Ventura County D A
Apr 27, 2017
Simi Valley Chamber Tourism Alliance
May 04, 2017
Sponsor Meeting for the Cajun & Blues Music Festival
May 25, 2017
May 26, 2017
Ready, Set, Go .... Here Comes Cajun
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Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Savi Bhim
April 7
Carolyn Boucher
April 8
Ron Hyrchuk
April 9
Doug Feco
April 10
Dorina Timbol
April 11
Jerry Shaffner
April 15
Jesus Torres
April 21
Leigh Seaton
April 24
Dennis Barbee
April 25
Don Schadt
April 25
Bob Purdum
April 26
Jeff Whipp
April 6
Nancy Hawthorne
Roy Nitschke
April 11
Jeff Newby
Trish Newby
April 17
John Tolson
April 20
Join Date
Ed Chapin
April 1, 1993
24 years
Bob Bibb
April 5, 2012
5 years
Vince Dulcich
April 5, 2012
5 years
Mike McCaffrey
April 6, 2000
17 years
Roger Coger
April 10, 1997
20 years
Lee Dominick
April 14, 2016
1 year
Executives & Directors
Past President
Club Service
International Service, Co-Chair
Community Service,Co-Chair
Community Service, Co-Chair
Vocational Service, Co-Chair
Vocational Service, Co-Chair
Public Relations
Youth Service, Co-Chair
Youth Services,Co-Chair
Family of Rotary, Co-Chair
Family of Rotary
The Rotary Foundation
The Rotary Foundation, Co-Chair
Director at Large
Director at Large - Cajun Chair
Director at Large
Director at Large
Director at Large
SSR Charitable Foundation Chair
RMCP Chair
President Elect Nominee
Russell Hampton
National Awards Services Inc.
Highlights of Today's Meeting
FIRST Paul Harris Fellow for Bruce Bromberg
Bruce Bromberg had the pleasure of receiving his very first Paul Harris Fellow!
Cajun & Blues: Past, Present & Future
Every week Marshal Shrago will share a Cajun moment.  This week he talked one of our longest and important sponsor Budweiser.
Rat Fink
Louis Kruglov was our Rat Fink this morning and he talked about our need as a club to engage with each other and support all of our efforts -- especially this time of year with our Cajun & Blues Festival coming up fast.
Hats Off Goes To...
Carolyn Boucher received the Hats Off Award this morning for her work on the recent Tierra Rejada Clean Up.
Hardly Strictly Moment...
This morning President Dan read I'm Nobody.
Joint Rotary Meeting April 6th at Night -- WE ARE DARK THAT MORNING
Bill Fox announced that we will be having a joint Rotary meeting with our other local Rotary Clubs on Thursday, April 6th from 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. at Wood Ranch Golf Club. Sign up sheets are on the table - the cost is $45/pp but the club will cover that cost. PLEASE SEE FLYER BELOW FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE SPEAKER. 
Extra Cajun Tickets Available Now
John Bagnell said that extra Cajun tickets are available for $25 each.  Take what you want, sell what you can, and then return those you don't sell for full credit.
Beer Managers Needed
Jarrod DeGonia announced that he needs Beer Managers for our upcoming festival.  Please let him know if you are interested -- it is a great way to get involved!
Banners for Cajun
Karen Thompson is selling Cajun banners this year. She says if you just reach out to people they might just say yes!  So start asking everyone you know!
Cajun Drivers Needed
Jeff Faulwell is looking for drivers to pick and return the artists to the airport as well as drive them to and from their hotel. 
Thanks for a great Bolio Event
Bill Klepper thanked everyone that came out and supported the Bolio event last Sunday!  There were many special "Rotary Moments" for those in attendance!
Blood Drive - April 20th
Jim Robison announced that will be having our next Blood Drive on Thursday, April 20th -- sign up sheets are on the tables now!
Sophie Klepper
Jim Lowry
Conejo Valley Archers
Jim Lowry shared information about the Conejo Valley Archers - they are located at the end of Tapo Canyon Road.  Every Saturday from 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. the public is invited to go and learn to shoot a bow and arrow or practice if they already know.  He shared information about the various types of bows and then
Gary White, George Kerr and Bob Purdum, shared information on how they use their different bows.
Rotary Club FinderNeed to find a club to do a makeup?  Or find out where Rotary clubs meet while you are traveling?  Click here to access the Club Finder page on the RI website.
Welcome Guests
This morning we welcomed:
Kevin Cook
Sophie Klepper
Karen Thompson
Century 21 Troop Real Estate
Family: Husband Dwight, 3 Sons & 5 Grandkids

Why I'm in Rotary:
My nature has always been a very giving person and when I was asked to join this amazing group of people, I was honored. My Rotary moment was being a counselor at RYLA for sure, and many other projects as well such as the Dental Project. As you can see, I like to make a difference!

What people don't know about me:
I have a definite drive to succeed and please people. I have walked the “3-Day” 60 mile Susan G. Komen Cancer walk for 3 years in San Diego - That’s over 180 miles plus training and earned over $15,000 toward BEATING cancer!

Strange, but true:
I was once challenged when I told someone that I wanted to be a cheerleader at Moorpark College. I was told, “You have NEVER been a cheerleader, Really??”. Well, Guess what, I Made It!! Keep in mind that in High School, I was always active in Drill Team and gymnastics. 

Passions, hobbies, interests:
Camping, walking and time with family and friends…

What I'm really good at:
My Career of 40 years!
Most embarrassing moment:
Doing the Guest List at Rotary when I was a newer Rotarian!!! Maybe Greg Hartman would like to explain…. Love Ya Greg! :-)

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In other news
Polio Update - We're this close!
There have been 3 cases in 2017 of Polio due to the wild polio virus.  The most recent case of Polio was January 27th in Pakistan.  Click on the link below for more information.
Important Information to Read
Thursday, April 6th 
Wood Ranch Golf Club
6-8 p.m.
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