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April 29th, 2021
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May 6th, 2021
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May 13th, 2021
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Apr 22, 2021 7:00 AM
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April 24
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April 1, 1993
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April 5, 2012
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April 5, 2012
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April 10, 1997
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April 13, 2017
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April 16, 2020
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April 16, 2020
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Ms. Demi Fox
Our Sergeant at Arms, Demi Fox, getting the meeting started.
Bill Fox lead the invocation this morning.  
Josh Alexander lead us in the flag salute.  
Camille Cordova welcomed our Guests. 
President Bill  mentioned that one of the outcomes of Covid is that there is a lot more use being made of the Arroyo by both pedestrians and bicycles alike.  This makes it even more important to keep it free from trash and debris.  So, in honor of Earth Day, which is today, April 22nd, the Club will be participating in the clean up of a portion of the Arroyo.  There was a note about it in last week's Bulletin and you should all have received an email about it from Ryan via Cindy this week.  Hope to see you out there!
Bill wanted to pass on the Club's condolences to Dennis Barbee with the passing of his wife, Phyliss.  May she Rest in Peace.
  We are DARK next week, April 29th, due to the virtual District 5240 Group 5 Dinner that evening.  More info on that below.
Please remember to bring a friend or an acquaintance to our next meeting.  This is a GREAT way to grow our membership!  And the guest's lunch is taken care of.  
Ms. Dorina Timbol and Mr. Rocky Rhodes
Team Ginny Update
Spread the message!
Dorina reminded us about her Facebook page and copying the Save a Life note with phone number and posting it on your Facebook page.  She also reminded and encouraged all business owners and friends of business owners to exhibit the Team Ginny flyer in that business and send her a picture of that.  Every bit helps and you never know where or how that hero will be found.
We also heard from Rocky Rhodes, a previous donor and current hero.  His message was that we can all use him as an example of what being a donor is all about.  Speaking from experience, he said it is no big deal to you physically as the donor but it is a VERY big deal to the recipient.
If you need to learn how to Share on social media, please reach out to Team Ginny and they will be glad to help.
Here's another link that can be shared as well:
Here's a link to a Testimonial from Rocky and Tony....
Leigh gave us the final count and we had 22 Club Members donate blood last week.  The Vitalent representative that Leigh coordinated with told him that this was the best turn out from any one organization she's ever seen.  What a Club!  A big round of applause to those who donated and a big Thank You to Leigh for making it happen!    
Dr. P gave us another one of his classes.  This morning he showed us how to plant a small piece of jade into a small container with a small amount of potting mix.  It was a very informative session.  We learned the difference between dirt and soil; we learned a new word - "propagate"; and we learned some interesting facts about sheep.  Please see Steve for any follow up.
Mr. Steve Pietrolungo - Dr. P
Looks like Fernando has some Best Dressed competition 
A message from President Bill:
April 29th at 6 PM we will be having Our Group 5 meeting Virtually!
We have lined up a Great Speaker with Steve Chealander...if you have taken the tour of Air Force One at the Reagan have met Steve... he is the Mannequin about halfway back...He  carried the Nuclear codes for President Reagan...and was a Thunderbird Pilot and is a Great Speaker...
Mark your Calendars!
Here is the Zoom Link:
Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 944 1576 2055
Passcode: 102999
One tap mobile
+16699006833,,94415762055#,,,,*102999# US (San Jose)
+14086380968,,94415762055#,,,,*102999# US (San Jose)
Dial by your location
        +1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
Rocky Rhodes reminded us about the City's Job and Career Expo starting this Saturday, April 24 through Friday, April 30.  Rocky said employers still have time to participate and really encouraged us to get the word out to our kids and grandkids about this.  If interested, please click on the following link: 
Mr. Rocky Rhodes
Kathryn Scroggin, our incoming President, spoke to us about several things starting with an upcoming event which will be new for us.  Our Club will be putting on an Octoberfest this year.  A committee was formed and the recommendation made was to hold an Octoberfest celebration that would include beer (of course), German food, music, contests, competitions and so forth.  The tentative date is October 9, 2021.  More details to follow.
The second item Kathryn talked about were hybrid Rotary meetings.  These are meetings that are a combination of people on site, in person and those joining via zoom.  A test will be launched in May.  Again, more details to follow.
Kathryn's final topic dealt with the high school scholarships.  She said that the deadline for submittal was now closed.  Decisions will be made by April 30th.
She thanked all of those who helped with the above including: Bill Klepper, Ryan Valencia, Larry Borovay, John Bagnall, John Baxter, Leigh Seaton, Jake Finch, Chas Wilson, Tim Gray, Don Rusnak, Steve P., and Dorina Timbol.
She closed by telling us she looked forward to July (no offense Bill) and that we all should expect a Survey Monkey regarding what you'd like to see implemented, or discontinued, in the Club as we come out of the Covid mandates.  
Ms. Kathryn Scroggin
Brian Dennert from Rec and Park came by to deliver their Environmental  Award to one of our very own, Leigh Seaton. 
Brian related a story about seeing Leigh bring his grandson, Parker, to a tree planting day at Corriganville recently.  It struck Brian because it is so important for older generations to impart on to the younger generations a love and respect of nature and Parker being there was a perfect example of that.   
Congratulations Leigh! 
Mr. Brian Dennert
Our Guests today included:
Mr. Steve Hise
Mr. Brian Dennert (Guest Speaker)
Ms. Kay Allen (Guest Speaker)
Mr. Steve Hise
Our Guest Speaker today was Ms. Kay Allen, Environmental Compliance Coordinator for the City of Simi Valley. 
Ms. Kay Allen
Ms. Allen works for the City and is in charge of the Storm Water Program.  It is her job to make sure that the City complies with all local, state and federal rules and regulations in regard to how storm water runoff is dealt with.  Since we don't get a lot of rain here, a lot of this runoff is urban runoff or water coming from homes and businesses.  In honor of Earth Day, she gave us a brief history lesson as to how the environmental movement came about in the US.  
Up until 1970, there was very little environmental concern here, either culturally or from a regulatory standpoint.  That seemed to change in 1969 when the Cuyahoga River in Ohio caught fire, again.  That sparked an environmental awakening in the US and things started to happen:
- Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin and John McC0nnell, an activist, founded Earth Day in 1970
- The Nixon Administration created the EPA.
- The Clean Air Act was enacted in 1970.
- The Clean Water Act followed suit in 1972, stopping untreated waste water from flowing into rivers, streams, lakes and oceans.
- The Endangered Species Act was made into law in 1973.
Many more acts have since been signed into law as well.  All of these  have certainly improved the quality of life here in the US.  And there are things we can do as individuals to help the environment such as being more conscious of the type of mileage our cars get; walk or bike whenever possible; don't waste water; and participate in community clean ups.  She closed with the three "R's":  Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle!
Ms. Kay Allen with "The Hat"
Happy Birthday Leigh!  
Happy Birthday Don!
Has anyone told Bill he doesn't keep the banner when his term is over?
It's not what it looks like....OK, maybe it is.
A sign of respect.
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