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April 15th, 2021
Bibb, Bob
Flag Salute
Borovay, Larry
Guest List
Boucher, Carolyn
April 22nd, 2021
Bromberg, Bruce
Flag Salute
Cicciari, Peter
Guest List
Cordova, Camille
April 29th, 2021
Davila, Deb
Flag Salute
DeGonia, Jarrod
Guest List
Donnelly, Bob
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Martha Macker
April 4
Savi Bhim
April 7
Carolyn Boucher
April 8
Doug Feco
April 10
Dorina Timbol
April 11
Brett Goldsmith
April 15
Jesus Torres
April 21
Leigh Seaton
April 24
Don Schadt
April 25
Bob Purdum
April 26
Josh Alexander
Hannah Alexander
April 5
Jeff Whipp
April 6
Martha Macker
Jeff Goldrod
April 8
Nancy Hawthorne
Roy Nitschke
April 11
John Tolson
April 20
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Ed Chapin
April 1, 1993
28 years
Bob Bibb
April 5, 2012
9 years
Vince Dulcich
April 5, 2012
9 years
Roger Coger
April 10, 1997
24 years
Sophie Klepper
April 13, 2017
4 years
Ryan Valencia
April 16, 2020
1 year
Steve Munday
April 16, 2020
1 year
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Today's Board Meeting was held on Zoom
Ms. Demi Fox
Demi started our virtual meeting and she went easy on us with just some breathing exercises.  The ONLY good thing about Zoom meetings - going easy on us.
John Baxter lead the invocation this morning.
Herschel Berger lead us in the flag salute.  
President Bill congratulated everyone on the success of the Queen Nation concert last Friday evening.  The first outdoor concert in Simi since the onset of Covid.  The band has never played better, we enjoyed wonderful weather along with a spectacular sunset.  A good time was had by all with families gathering and people of all ages attending.  And, all the while, practicing Covid protocol of course.  This was an excellent community event that received great reviews on social media and from City officials.   To top that all off, the Club made money!  This success will most likely lead to similar events in the future.  
Congratulations Larry and Ryan!
John Baxter's Woman On The Street Interview Series (cont.)
John's interview today was with with our very own Ms. Kailey Wagner.  Kailey is a Financial Advisor with Edward Jones. She's had her own business for 7 years now and feels that this is her niche.  Combining her people person skills with her financial acumen is what she's good at.  See John Baxter for a clip of the full interview.
Kailey and John 
  Our next meeting will be April 15th, 2021.  It will be IN PERSON at the JUNKYARD.  
Please remember to bring a friend or an acquaintance to our next meeting.  This is a GREAT way to grow our membership!  And the guest's lunch is taken care of.  
Carolyn Boucher
Team Ginny Update
Spread the message!
Carolyn showed us all how to save the Team Ginny message as your Zoom background - see above.  With so many of us utilizing Zoom, this is a great way to spread the word.  Just another way to keep getting the message out when Covid makes it so hard to do so.  See Carolyn if you need help on this. 
If you need to learn how to Share on social media, please reach out to Team Ginny and they will be glad to help.
Here's another link that can be shared as well:
Here's a link to a Testimonial from Rocky and Tony....
Leigh reminded us that there is an upcoming Blood Drive on April 15th.  He needs 15 more appointments booked so please contact Leigh to arrange an appointment time.
The house cleanup at 1493 Sorrel Street is back on.  The owner, if you recall, is an elderly lady with no family or support.  This is what Rotary is all about.  It is set for Tuesday April 13th from 8:30 - 11:00 AM.
Bring gloves, eye protection and you're favorite tool - Leigh's words, not mine. 
Kathy Scroggin reminded us of the upcoming 2021 Virtual District Training Assembly on April 17, 2021.  She encouraged everyone to, at a minimum. attend the Opening Session from 9:00 to 9:45 AM.  She promises that you will be inspired and it's a great way to learn more about Rotary if you are new to the Club. 
More Information and a link to registration:
Training for incoming Club Officers, Secretaries, Treasurers, Avenue of Service Chairs, Board Members, New Members and All Club Members
Register for the
2021 Virtual District Training Assembly:
April 17, 2021
Click HERE to Register
The agenda, list of classes and a description of each class are attached.  Session links will be provided at a later date.
  • Each club is encouraged to have as many members as possible attend this informative training
  • Prizes will be awarded to clubs with the greatest % attendance
  • All officers, Avenue of Service Chairs and Committee Chairs have sessions specifically focused on these areas led by district and Rotary experts.
  • All members and especially new members should attend four sessions that will provide information about Rotary
    • Opening Session
    • Rotary Then and Now
    • Community Service
    • Building Community Partnerships
  • Register for the Opening Session and up to three additional sessions
  • Everyone is encouraged to attend the Opening Session with Brittany Arthur as the inspirational speaker
Kathy Scroggin is putting together a committee to look into setting up hybrid meetings.  If you have a technical background and are interested in participating, please contact Kathy.
Kathryn Scroggin
Our Guests today included:
Mr. Sam Wolfe
Mr. Donavon Downey
Ms. Sara Langberg (Guest Speaker)
Mr. Sam Wolfe
Mr. Donavon Downey, we think
Our Guest Speaker today was Ms. Sara Langberg, an Aeromechanical Engineer and employee of AeroVironment, a local Simi firm.  Sara is also a local having graduated from Simi Hi.  Dr. P, being her principal, refused to take credit for her success however.
Sara gave us a most impressive presentation on the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter that her firm built.  It will fly on Mars this Sunday, April 11th and will be the first powered flight on another planet.  This is all part of the Mars Perseverance mission that landed on Mars February 18, 2021.  A cool piece of information she shared with us is that a small scrap of fabric from the Wright Brothers plane went along for the ride to Mars.  Bruce wanted to know if Aerovironment could arrange to have Happy Face Hill replicated on Mars since it's a local frim and all and would provide great PR for our city.  Sara's response was quite polite.
Following are some slides from her presentation:
Ms. Sara Langberg
Sara is on the right
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