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May 27th, 2021
Goldsmith, Brett
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Gonzales, Greg
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Gray, Tim
June 3rd, 2021
Hart, David
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Hartman, Gregg
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Hawthorne, Nancy
June 10th, 2021
Jacoby, Cindy
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Jaeger, Dan
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Johnson, Steve
June 17th, 2021
Kerr, George
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Kojelis, Linas
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Kruglov, Louis
June 24th, 2021
Lawrence, Rich
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Little, Eric
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Macker, Martha
July 1st, 2021
Mahler, Harvey
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Malan, John
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Martinez, Jose
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May 8
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May 13
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May 15
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May 26
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May 29
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May 2, 2019
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May 9, 2019
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May 9, 2007
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May 15, 2008
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Today's Scholarships Award meeting was held on Zoom
Demi Fox - Sergeant at Arms
Demi  was not able to punish us this morning.  Again, the ONLY good thing about Zoom meetings!
Brett Goldsmith lead the invocation this morning.  
Greg Gonzales lead the Flag Salute.  Happy Birthday Greg!
Tim Gray welcomed our Guests this morning.  Because of the scholarships being awarded today, there were too many Guests for Tim to acknowledge individually.
President Bill kept it short this morning to have more time for the scholarships to be awarded.  He used his time to give out some advice to the High School students being given the scholarships.  He said that your High School years are the time in your life when you develop the most friends.  After that, it's all down hill from there.  Not the most uplifting message to leave these young people with but, statistically speaking, true.  In order to correct that Bill said, he encouraged them all to join a Service Organization at some point in their lives.  As we all know, a fantastic way to not only help your community but to develop friendships as well.
Thanks go to Bill Fox and Jim Lowry for putting this wonderful tribute together for a wonderful Lady.
  We are meeting at the Junkyard In Person on June 3rd
Please remember to bring a friend or an acquaintance to our next meeting.  This is a GREAT way to grow our membership!  And the guest's lunch is taken care of.  
Speaking of New Members, the Board has voted to propose Mr. Steve Hise, pictured here, as a New Member.  Congratulations Steve! 
Our District Governor, Deb Linden, joined us this morning to present a very special award to Leigh Seaton.  He was nominated for this award by President Bill Klepper so, Leigh, you need to be nice to Bill from now on.  
There are five Areas of Service for this award and, as you can see, Leigh's is for Community Service.  This past year alone, Leigh coordinated 15 Community Service projects.  Not bad for an Old Man.  In Bill's words, to say that Leigh goes Above and Beyond the call is an understatement.  Congratulations Leigh, well deserved!
District Governor Deb Linden presenting the award. 
Jim Lowry, who joined us this morning, mentioned to Leigh Seaton that Jim thought some trees needed to be trimmed in and around the Junkyard.  So Jim being Jim and Leigh being Leigh, they are going to do something about it.  They are organizing a work party  so look for more details to follow.  The work will most probably take place in the middle of the week, just not sure which week yet.  
Team Ginny Update
Spread the message!
Carolyn Boucher spoke this morning about how the hope is that come June 15th, when most Covid protocols are lifted, there will be many more opportunities to sponsor or get involved in Community Events.  This is a great way to Spread the Word.  Carolyn's challenge to us this morning was to come up with ideas for Community Events that would suit that purpose.  Any idea is a good idea!  
Also a reminder about Dorina's Facebook page and about copying the Save a Life note with phone number and posting it on your Facebook page.  And all business owners and friends of business owners, please exhibit the Team Ginny flyer in your business and send Dorina a picture of that.  Every bit helps and you never know where or how that hero will be found.
If you need to learn how to Share on social media, please reach out to Team Ginny and they will be glad to help.
Here's another link that can be shared as well:
Here's a link to a Testimonial from Rocky and Tony....
No update this week on the event so this is previous information:
The 2021 Oktoberfest event is being held on October 9th at the Rancho Simi Community Park, AKA the Duck Park. 
Two breweries have come on board so far.  Larry is confident though that, with our motivated Beer Committee hard at work, more will soon follow.  Larry also mentioned that a German Oktoberfest Party Band, Hazelnuss Das Music, has been booked.  They specialize in Oktoberfest music. They will play for four hours and it will involve a lot of audience participation. 
Save the date as volunteers will be needed. 
A reminder from Leigh Seaton that the Happy Face Hill cleanup date is set for May 28th!!!!  That's tomorrow morning.  
If you're hungry for breakfast, meet at Jerry's at 7:30.  After breakfast we will meet at 8:30 AM at the dirt parking lot off of Kuehner near the entrance to Hummingbird Ranch.  Leigh expects it will take a couple, three of hours to complete the work.  In addition to a general cleanup, we will also be putting up 144 flags in honor of Memorial Day.  Bring gloves, rakes, weed wackers, Hudson sprayers, cordless drills, whatever you have.
Leigh also reminded us about the date for the Smoke Alarm installation at the Crest Mobile Home Park here in Simi.  It is set for June 12th, 8:30 AM.  More details to follow.
Mike Kort, from the Evening Club, thanked our Club for the help given with the Evening Club's 80's themed Drive In concert last week.  He said they couldn't have done it without us.  He especially wanted to thank Carolyn Boucher, Larry Borovay, Chas Wilson and Leigh Seaton.  Team work at its best! 
A reminder about Bill's Demotion.  It will be June 26th at 5:00 PM AND THE LOCATION HAS CHANGED!!!!.  Deb said that only about half of us have responded so please do so one way or the other for an accurate head count.
SOME of our Guests today included:
Ms. Deb Linden (District Governor)
Mr. Jim Lowry (past Club President)
Mr. Steve Hise (Special Guest)
Ms. Maria Sprowl (Apollo HS)
Mr. Dean May (Simi Valley HS)
Ms. Jennifer Gast (Simi Valley HS)
Mr. Sam Wolfe
Mr. Mike Kort
Deb Linden
Jim Lowry
Dean May
Sam Wolfe
Steve Hise
Mike Kort
Our program today was centered around the presentation of the yearly Scholarships to our local High School students.  Truly a high point of the year for our Club.  
Kathryn Scroggin's 2021 Scholarship Committee included the following:
Nancy Hawthorne
Harry VanDyck
Fred Thomas
Carolyn Boucher
Jake Finch
Dorina Timbol
John Bagnall
John Baxter
Mel Vines
Cindy Jacoby
Leigh Seaton
Deb Davila 
They received 37 applications from Apollo HS, Grace Brethren, Monte Vista, Royal HS, Santa Susana HS, Simi Institute for Careers and Education and Simi Valley HS.  The applications were so impressive that it was decided that each and every applicant would get a scholarship.  That had never happened before.  This decision was helped by the fact that some generous donors increased the scholarship budget from $15,000 to $16,000.   
Kathryn Scroggin
Savi Bhim presented the Savi Bhim scholarship to Andrew Tran.
Happy Birthday Ron!
Happy Birthday George!
Happy Birthday Joel!
Happy Birthday Maggie!
Happy Birthday Greg!
How does she do it?
Wow, 60 years!  Incredible!
Congrats Demi, I mean Bill!
Congrats Mike!
Congrats Karen!
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