We had a wonderful breakfast prepared and served by Culinary Arts Department at Royal High School!!!
Meeting Responsibilities
November 21st 2019
Grinstead, Joe
Hartman, Gregg
Hawthorne, Nancy
Jaeger, Dan
Flag Solute
Jen Kin Berger, Laura
Guest List
Johnson, Steve
Dec 5th 2019
Kestly, Maggie
Klepper, Bill
Klepper, Sophie
Kruglov, Louis
Flag Solute
Lowry, Jim
Guest List
Little, Eric
Dec 12th, 2019
Mahler, Harvey
Malan, Au.D., John
McCaffrey, Mike
McKnight, E.P.
Flag Solute
Mutal, Mike
Guest List
Ortiz, Stella
Dec 19th, 2019
Paseta, Mary
Perini, Richard
Pickett, Julie
Ragsdale, Geovanny
Flag Solute
Rothman, Joel
Guest List
Rowe, Matt
Upcoming Events
Shoe Drive
Oct 03, 2019 – Dec 05, 2019
Holiday Boat Party
Rancho Madera Community Park ( Wood Ranch tennis courts)
Dec 13, 2019
3:30 PM – 10:00 PM
Valentines Gourmet Dinner by Chef Fernando
Berger's Place
Feb 08, 2020 6:00 PM
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Kim Schulte
November 1
Tim Gray
November 1
John Baxter
November 16
Meg Bemis
November 17
E.P. McKnight
November 18
Carlos Echegaray
November 25
Harry VanDyck
November 27
Lisa Brough
November 27
Stella Ortiz
November 30
Mike McCaffrey
Trina McCaffrey
November 10
Mike Sidlinger
November 18
Jim Lowry
Kathy Lowry
November 19
Harvey Mahler
November 25
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Laura Jen Kin Berger
November 1, 1992
27 years
Kailey Wagner
November 5, 2015
4 years
Deb Davila
November 10, 2005
14 years
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November 13, 2014
5 years
Bob Whalen
November 15, 2007
12 years
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November 15, 2007
12 years
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November 18, 2010
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November 18, 2004
15 years
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November 21, 2002
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November 21, 2002
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Russell Hampton
ClubRunner Mobile
President Deb Davila welcomed us this morning to this special offsite meeting where we not only heard about Royal High School's programs from Assistant Principal Aaron Dobson, but we also got a wonderful tour of three of their programs. (See photos and more information below.)
Our meeting was in held in the CSI (Citizen Scholar Institute) room.  We were also invited to have special coffee items in their special store.
2021-2022 President Elect Nominee Announced - Dr. Kathryn Scroggin
Gary White announced that Dr. Kathryn Scroggin, a 20 year Rotarian, as been selected our PEN for the 2021-2022 year.  Elections will take place formally on Thursday, December 5th.  Congrats!
The Simi Valley Chamber of Commerce, including President of the Board Dorina Timbol and CEO Kathi VanEtten along with other board members, came to our meeting to surprise our very own Leigh Seaton who was named as Volunteer of the Year!!!  Let's all plan on supporting and congratulating him by attending the luncheon on Friday, January 31 at The Vineyards!
Bring Your Shoes!
Meg Bemis reminded us that the shoe drive is under way and will continue through the beginning of December.  We are a third of the way there. 
Ask your friends and family and if you can, solicit your co-workers.  Put a box in the lunch room. We are collecting gently worn, used and new shoes.
Please bring them to the meetings on Thursdays, or you can drop it off at Meg's office - Visiting Angels, 1176 Road Runner Way, Suite B, Simi Valley. See flyer below for more details!
Haunted House Clean Up Needed
Kim Schulte announced sweepers and cleaners are needed at the haunted house location this Saturday, November 9 and Sunday, November 10 from 8:00 a.m.
YES! Needs Students and Food Donations
Gregg Hartman said that we still need more students to sign up!  Please try to get ONE student to sign up.  We also need food donations for the day of packaged foods.  Please bring next Thursday.
Also we will be doing final clean up at Camp Rotary on Friday, November 15 at 8:00 a.m.
Flowers for Thanksgiving
Stella Ortiz announced that we will be making flower centerpieces for the Thanksgiving Senior Dinner, on Tuesday, November 26 at Stella's house at 6:00 p.m.  Dr. P. will pick up the containers and flowers and you can make one of you and one the dinner and pay only $10. Wine and fun guaranteed at Stella's house!
Thanksgiving Dinner Going Strong
Bill Klepper said sign ups are up now and Dan Jaeger reported that we will need help prepping the birds on Tuesday, November 26 at Monte Vista.
Rotary Beer Crawl - Sunday, November 10
President Deb talked about the upcoming Beer Crawl that will now take place on Sunday, November 10 at 12:30 p.m.  Four breweries will be included: Enegran, Tarantual Hill, 14 Canyons and 5 Threads.
Holiday Bike Assembly Planned for Thursday, December 5th
This year's Holiday Bike Assembly night will be on Thursday, December 5 at Monte Vista. 
Simi Sunrise Charitable Foundation.card are now being sold!  The new cards are being sold for 10 for $100 or $10/piece. Remember, they can be used for all occasions -- birthdays, condolences, get well and more!
Please contact Cindy Jacoby to purchase cards -
Royal High School Tour
We had the pleasure of visiting four special classes today - the culinary arts, wood shop, graphic arts and ROTC.
New Member Proposal:
Look around and see who YOU think would make a great member!
Rotary Club FinderNeed to find a club to do a makeup?  Or find out where Rotary clubs meet while you are traveling?  Click here to access the Club Finder page on the RI website.
Welcome Guests
Emerald Castillo
Mike Garcia
Grace Lo
Tony Mark
Emerald Castillo
Mike Garcia
Grace Lo
Tony Mark
Photo from water filters we supplied to Venezuela.
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